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About Me

I hail from the heart of Ireland and am deeply rooted in Irish jigs, banter and a nice cuppa. My family are by far the most important aspect of my life. A close second is traveling. Emulating the Leo cat that I am, I love to wander the world and return proudly with my captured prey – photo stories!

Where I’m based

Having always been reluctant to leave my adventures and return long term to my beautiful home in the center of the green isle, I compromised and settled not too far away in the center of Europe. Munich in southern Germany is where I have laid my hat and now use as a base to continue my photography career.

What I do

I studied BA in Photographic Media in Dublin. Returning home regularly to the foundation of my creativity and to different gems around Europe, I work as a freelance photographer. I also teach photography to wonderfully open minded kids in an international school in Munich who, I have to admit, inspire me more than I may inspire them!

What tickles my fancy

As a kid growing up I craved adventures and getting to do photography as my job has somewhat fulfilled a childhood dream. Every day is an adventure. Moments are fleeting and I like to capture people’s moment’s, in the moment. I believe capturing people should be encapsulating the best version of themselves. If you like to get outside, have the banter with an Irish gal and bring out the best side of you, then my photoshoots are best suited to you. Come have an adventure with me…


Wilhelm-Hertz-Str. 10 80805 München Germany